As a luxury interior designer in New York and Florida, I ensure your home becomes a compelling visual story of who you are. To Betsy Lynn Interior Design, full-service interior design is about transforming and revitalizing the soul of your space. For commercial and hospitality spaces, my designs elicit a unique guest experience from the moment clients enter, enhancing your brand.


Smithtown Sophistication ~ Betsy Lynn Interior Design

Elevating the design experience

What makes it a full-service luxury interior design process? Going beyond the typical high-end standards, I incorporate aspects most don’t consider. Color psychology, spatial organization, lighting effects, and then I’ll stylize each space with exemplary artwork and accessories.

Top career accomplishments

Across my career, I’ve successfully handled numerous prominent projects with investments up to $2.5M, directing the design team and paying careful attention to interior environments. From Tuscan villas to yachts to hotels with up to 350 rooms, Betsy Lynn Interior Designs addresses essential elements and delivers a turn-key closing experience. I’m proud of my past projects, which you can see and read about on the portfolio page.

Betsy Lynn Interior Design

The ultimate goal

Whatever your project, the process is exhilarating, and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing clients’ jubilation when the project is completed!

Ready to begin? I am.