There are many clever strategies for remodeling a bathroom/powder room that can be accomplished without breaking the bank. So you want your “dream” Bathroom, just like the kind in the design magazines? Besides the kitchen, a bathroom remodel is one important area in your home that can give you the most joy when finally completed.

We are in the process of remodeling our Powder Room located under our main staircase. The original plan was to add a little window to bring in the light and a new vanity… next thing we knew it’s turned into a full-blown renovation, floor to ceiling! Am I discouraged? Nah, it’s all good. I say, “Let the planning begin!”

Where do I begin?

No matter how small or large your project, you will want to take the time to meticulously plan how you’ll use the space. Creating a roadmap ahead of time will reduce the amount of “remodeling stress” you encounter along the journey. Thinking about how you want your space to feel, what you want it to look like, the selection of the materials you want, and how much you’re willing to spend prior to beginning construction will provide you with an amazing finished project and will save you money in the long run.

What if I need help?

If you need help with planning, hire an Interior Designer.

Here are some bonus points of working with a design professional:

✓ They can help you discover a personal style that suits you.
✓ They will work directly with contractors and installers.
✓ They will help you create a budget and stick to it.
✓ They will advise you in making final decisions that you stay with, ensuring that the project will run on time and you will not incur extra added costs.

Besides wanting to look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, you will want to accommodate the need for comfort by choosing materials, fixtures, and amenities with long-lasting value.

Do you have any tips?

Here are a few vital suggestions that will create that dream bathroom you always wanted:

Add a Window: Installing a window sounds daunting, but isn’t as difficult as you think in most cases. Windows open up a space, add natural light, and help with ventilation.

Keep the Same Footprint: What does this mean? It means keeping your fixtures in the same location, even if you change the fixtures themselves. This will save you from having to move plumbing and electrical. A big money saver!

Install a Curbless Walk-In Shower: These aesthetic beauties are easy to install, easy to clean, and safer to enter and exit. Not only are they very stylish, they will make the space look and feel larger.

Upgrade your Lighting: This is a fundamental part of all bathroom remodels. New and upgraded lighting will not only make you look better, it will enhance the quality of all your new finishes — think wall finish, countertop, and fixtures. Pay attention to how much light/brightness you get from lightbulbs and avoid casting shadows on faces.

Upgrade the Ventilation System: This will help to maintain good air quality control, prevent mold, mildew, and control humidity. It will also protect your new surfaces and finishes from the damage that can be done by those pesky nuisances.

Create Plenty of Storage: Storage is essential — one can never have enough! Finding ways to increase the utility of your space can be challenging but not impossible. A number of simple solutions can be found in items such as a deep medicine cabinet, a vanity with doors and a drawer at the base, and shelving or cabinets above the toilet. A shelf installed above the shower stall can also provide much-needed storage.

Take it a step further and consider opening the wall between the studs to create a niche space that holds soaps, shampoos, and other necessary toiletry items. Along with hooks for hanging bathrobes, consider a decorative hanging system on the wall that can hold baskets. This creates a clever way to store hand towels, toilet paper, all the little items we often forget.

Voila! With careful planning up front, help from a professional, and waiting to demolish until your plan is in place, you can have the bathroom of your dreams!

Hopefully, I will have mine soon too.