Commercial Interior Design Services

Designing a commercial space requires a particular skillset and knowledge base, and our experience shows. We will gear the designs toward your ideal clients and the experience you want to create. All the while, we marry and carefully curate materials which will withstand high volumes of traffic and use, and still retain their quality.

From fabric wear classifications to fire-retardant ratings, through our commercial interior design services we pair essential elements with luxurious finishes to create an inspirational space for you and your clients.

Keys for a Smooth Design Experience

Trust the process

Trust that I, as your interior designer, will steer you in the right direction and guide you every step of the way! My years of experience, eye for what works and what doesn’t, and my commitment to providing YOU with quality design will ensure that your project delivers beyond your expectations for your space! Trust yourself, trust me, trust the process. Trust that the outcome will be exhilarating!

Communicate with Honesty

I always encourage my clients to communicate with me openly, clearly and honestly. Tell me what you love (and what you don't). Open and honest communication will help us to make decisions timely and efficiently to keep your project moving forward. 

Be Patient

Impeccable design takes time. When it comes to interior design projects, there are many moving parts and pieces, details, perfectly-executed timelines, and decision-making that needs to take place. As your interior designer, I handle all of the behind-the-scenes, and ensure things you didn't even think of are being taken care of. Remember to be patient and know that the best things take time. 

You're in great hands with me by your side! I’m here as your trusted guide, advisor, and
design expert who will help you to rest-assured and relax knowing that everything from big picture to minute details is taking place exactly as it should.