Hello & welcome back…

My partner Steven & I recently purchased a home built in 1923. If you familiar with homes from this time period, you will know that the individual rooms are quite small, unlike the homes of today where spaces are open to one another and free flowing.  The challenge for me, being my own interior designer, was to create spaces that would be visually connected to one another and remain feeling inviting, cozy and comfortable. How was I going to achieve this? The answer was clear…by dressing the walls & ceilings using color and to accessorize in a careful, well thought out fashion.  

I love this part of any project whether it’s for myself or for clients. Accessories are the finishing touches that “make” a home, a home. They are the pieces of the puzzle that represent who you are. They tell people the places you have traveled, your likes and dislikes and most importantly they are a reflection of your personality.

I started in the living room with the naked fireplace wall. I knew I needed a focal piece over the mantel and I toiled with the idea of a large 4 foot square painting that would fill that entire space. Possibly even one I would paint myself. In the end I decided on the family of elephants framed in black & gold (nope I’ve never been to Africa),  but I loved the piece from the minute I bought it.

On the mantel I’ve placed:

  • A pair of over-sized Asian paint brushes with Red Onyx & Gold Onyx handles
  • Tall candles on Rosewood stands flank the elephants
  • White Marble & Green Moss Spheres from my personal collection (one of my favorite things.)
  • a very special Asian vase that has great meaning to me

Around the Hearth I’ve placed:

  • A majestic Peacock fireplace screen
  • A pair of really large blue & white Asian Urns
  • Another white marble sphere from my collection of spheres
  • Of course the all important Fireplace Andirons
  • Next to the hearth I keep the firewood in a really great whimsical wooden box. What makes this container so meaningful to me is it’s stamped “San Francisco, California” where I lived for 10 years. The extra added bonus is it’s on casters which, is great for wheeling it out of the way to clean out those dust bunnies.

Accessories help tell your personal story…what’s yours?