Custom Elegance Remodel

Betsy listened very carefully to how I wanted to transform my living room fireplace wall to accommodate a flat screen TV, bookshelves and storage for my media equipment. The outcome was a spectacular, functional family living space that had been unused space in my home. I cannot say enough about how easy Betsy was to work with and how she made the process so effortless.

~ EC | Boca Raton, FL

Custom Elegance Remodel Project Details 

At the beginning of my friendship with a licensed psychotherapist and personal coach, I was in the process of designing another project, Miami Beach Penthouse, and I would share progress pictures of that project with her. Shortly before I completed the Miami Beach Penthouse, she asked me to custom design a special, full height built-in unit around her existing fireplace. She had a clear vision of what the unit needed to house, including a new flat screen TV and shelving for the audiovisual components. Other than requesting the wood be finished in a black ebony stain, the rest was left to my design vision and expertise - both of which she trusted.

The Highest Return on Investment

Upon first glance, I intuitively knew to get the highest return on her investment, as well as the most drama, I should accentuate the A-frame angle where the ceiling and wall meet. I purposely detailed the open shelving to be thicker and bolder than average, which also complemented the ceiling height and width of the wall. In the end, it became what she hoped for and what I envisioned: the ultimate focal point for her living space and home, enabling her to display beautiful artifacts and sculptures given to her from former patients. Possibly my favorite aspect was how this phase of the project resulted from a successful collaboration between client and designer.

Phase Two of the Project

Phase two included the adjacent kitchen. I was asked to complete the backsplash area selecting & installing new material and replace the countertops with Absolute Black Granite to coordinate with the black appliance color. To accommodate more seating, I enlarged the island countertop. To the upper cabinets adjacent to the island, I replaced the solid wood doors with vertically ribbed glass inset door panels. This cleaver tool allowed her collection of white porcelain china to be seen and in doing so, expanded the kitchen visually. Combined with oversized porcelain floor tiles and the glass mosaic backsplash, this kitchen transformed into a vibrant, multi-layered interior space with a timeless aesthetic. Accessorizing and staging the tops of all of the upper cabinets finished off the room, completing the design.