The Hawthorn Hotel

Scottsdale, Arizona

In the restaurant, I introduced wrought iron all the way around, using colorful handmade tile for the backsplash and inset carpet for the flooring. The banquettes used blue tapestry fabric and recessed lighting. Carefully carrying details from the lobby, I pulled the Spanish Colonial design concept into each space, resulting in a beautiful continuity. 

Sheraton Carlton Hotel

Washington D.C.

The half-racetrack-shaped bar, brought guests into the space with brass footrests, black granite bar top and tabletops, and a collection of cross-back barstools and chairs. The other glamorous Baccarat crystal chandelier lights remained consistent throughout, including the separate seating groupings, partitioned by custom designed, etched glass panels. This evoked an intimacy, illuminated by art deco up-lights and wall sconces.

The Clarion Hotel

New Orleans, Louisiana

The French Quarter inspired the interior spaces for The Clarion Hotel, located in downtown New Orleans. This project entailed redesigning the terrace bar, restaurant, and club lounge.

The Pittsburgh Airport Hilton

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A series of gentle, curved, lit steps and brass handrails leads guests into the fine dining hotel restaurant. Mahogany-stained columns stand statuesque, as the gateway to the restaurant, just off the main lobby.

Fine Dining at its Best

The restaurant is fine dining design details at their best. The back wall’s clear, beveled oversized mirror installation projects the columns into infinity, simultaneously making the space feel more expansive than it is. Perched high on a custom mahogany table, as the centerpiece to the restaurant, sits an elaborate floral arrangement in a beautifully-detailed Chinese fishbowl planter. Flanking the floral arrangement are a pair of fully upholstered banquettes, covered in a soft-yet-durable striae mauve-colored fabric.

The entire neutral-colored ceiling area (including the ceiling beams and the recessed lighting) is purposefully designed to be streamlined. This guides guests into the space. Brass wall sconces in proportion to the room, size-wise, are kept to a minimum, allowing the room’s silhouette to shine.