The Prescott Hotel

San Francisco, California

Boutique Hotel Details

This project features a specialty of mine, as a designer, boutique hotels which service elite clientele and focused on the concierge club lounge and 83 guest suites. Done in the Austrian Biedermeier style, Prescott Hotel guests were assured of reservations to eat at the renowned Wolfgang Puck Postrio restaurant on the ground floor. Afterwards, they could travel back upstairs to their completely reconfigured two-room suites.

Biedermeier furniture emerged in Central Europe around the concept of sensibility and functionality. Later variations used embellished facades with clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and even some subdued geometric forms. It uses lighter woods such as cherry, ash, bird’s eye maple, and pearwood with veneers, emphasizing patterned woodgrains, as the decorative feature. I took this look throughout the concierge floor and into the guest suites of this prominent hotel in San Francisco. After taking the elevator up, and crossing a ramp, they arrived at this exclusive annex to the main hotel.

Concierge Design Amenities

To keep the clean lines, I hid audio / visual equipment inside an armoire. I replicated a fabric from Duralee that was used for the concierge lounge seating, and I designed the pattern into the wool Axminster carpet with a custom pattern. This was installed down the hallways with lions’ heads length-wise, reversing the image for the other side (to coordinate with the lounge seating). Every night, the guests were hosted at happy hour with wine, cheese, and hors d’oeuvres brought upstairs from the restaurant.

Other elements included antique mirrors, found while shopping, mahogany woods, gold accents, along with a custom-designed Biedermeier-style formal desk for check-in. A parade of carefully-placed half-moon wall sconces illuminate the full length of each of the guest corridors, all made from Murano glass and embedded with flecks of fourteen-carat gold.

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