Major Furniture Retailer

Tasked with redecorating the store for a major American furniture retailer, I had my work cut out for me…
How would I connect the large open box floor plan as one cohesive space while giving much needed recognition to each of the individual furniture vignettes? How would I guide the customers carefully through the space.?

Simply put solution….through the use of color. Tell a great color story & the rest will fall into place. I sectioned each area by the existing flat molding that already separated some of the wall area. Next was to establish a color palette that carried the customer along without distracting from the furniture. I used a warm wonderful choice of orange called “Golden Dunes” at the very back corner of the store that exactly matched the existing woodwork so that ones eye would be carried all the way to the far back fireplace area of the store. Other colors that I used like “Land of Liberty”, “Philipsburg Blue” & “Stonybrook” all act as warm enhancements for the furnishings.

I was careful when re-installing the artwork to leave a fair amount of negative space so that it gives the eye a rest…so that you can see the furniture.