Smithtown Sophistication

As a professional interior designer, personally there is nothing more exhilarating than installing all of the finishing touches that are quite necessary to the completion of any interior. In addition to the turn-key renovation of two Guest Bedrooms, Betsy Lynn Interior Design provided all of the art and accessories for every room in this Smithtown, NY home.

There was an ease of collaboration between the client and myself. This led to the installation of a truly “one of a kind” collection of unique artwork and an incredibly beautiful array of accessories that defined the style of the interiors and depicted the client’s unique personal style. 

A visual story

To tell the visual story of this home, I provided a variety of original artist’s works of art; landscaped and contemporary, botanicals and abstracts, charcoal line drawings and watercolors. All hand-picked mats and frames were versatile, complex in finishes and design, sometimes whimsical, and always timeless in their signature look.  

A mixture of cultural artifacts made of clay, bronze and antique gold metal vessels, boxes made of bone inlay, plexiglass, and brass lamps, are placed strategically in each room.  

A contemporary highly polished silver mirror in the Dining Room is flanked on either side with a custom hand-painted “Ralph Lauren” Stencil which was infused with a palette of bronze, gold, and peach Glitter. An elaborate silver peacock displayed on the bar cart and collections of oversized colored glass urns perched high on a ledge above the kitchen, make the complexity of each room look effortless.  

Exquisite custom made floral arrangements sprout from a collection of clear, colored glass, and metal vessels that enhance each space.