The “Boatel” – West Hampton, NY

What is a “Boatel”, you ask?
As strange as it sounds, it’s a real thing. A Boatel is “a waterside hotel with facilities for mooring boats.”

What began as the client’s request for new window treatments turned into a calm, understated, and elegant sleeping quarters.

A completely revisioned space.
The treatment of the walls was critical to the renovation. They were first covered with an underlayment to even out the uneven existing paneled wall surfaces. They were then meticulously painted, using two layers of semi-transparent silver glaze then sprayed with three layers of opalescent paints. The reveals between each panel were hand painted a slightly darker shade of grey to give the room more depth, and smooth out any imperfections that might be seen between the panels. All countertops and the built-in armoire also received multiple layers of custom-colored oil based opalescent silver glaze.

To round out the total look, I used a combination of silky smooth, monochromatic fabrics and a classically patterned gray textured tone-on-tone duvet fabric. The mezzanine style sheen window shade was chosen in a shimmered and matte “zinc” color that pulled it all together to make a “dreamboat” of a room.

Betsy came highly recommended. Instantly upon our initial meeting, she was able to identify all of the specific changes that needed to take place to bring our Boatel space into the 21st century. My wife & I are extremely detail oriented. We were amazed & impressed with the time, effort, & care Betsy took to explain why her choices of materials, colors, & fabrics were the right ones. One only has to view the photos to see that it is. Betsy succeeded in making our space sophisticated, warm, & inviting and we absolutely love it! It was a very successful collaboration in every way. A job well done. We have no hesitation and have already recommended Betsy to our friends.