Hello & welcome.  This is my very first blog post & I’m very excited to be sharing my thoughts & ideas about design…including anything & everything…soup to nuts so to speak… funny how I always relate everything back to food.  Writing a blog is a bit intimidating for me, partly because I’m all about the visual & writing is not my first love. For me it’s all about design, so please bare with me. I will always write from my heart and hope that you’ll join me on this design driven journey…  Summer is in full swing here in New York and our gardens are cooking!!! (there I go again…food on the brain.) I would like to take credit for our beautiful gardens, however, sadly I cannot. They are all the brainchild & creation of my partner in life, Steven. It’s his passion & one of many that he does expertly. It occurred to me while we were meandering & admiring one of the gardens situated on the side of the house, that the vibrant, gorgeous, intense colors would make a wonderful color palette.This led way to my thoughts on how to help people make easy to live with color choices for their homes, & why I write to you today.  What a great way to begin if you are color challenged or fearful of using color. Look to Mother Nature! She’s usually right on the money.

What color story do you want to convey in your home?

Complementary or Contrasting Colors? Neutrals with a hot accent color…?  As found on opposite sides of these color wheel… Yellow & Purple, Orange & Blue, Red & Green  If you’re apprehensive at first, then begin with a small bedroom, guest room, children’s bedroom or the Powder Room. Give yourself permission to experiment & be creative… Green & cream colored stripes in a powder room can be fun. Or paint the ceiling a color & keep the walls neutral. Red in the Kitchen might make you hungry so use it in small amounts unless you have a large open airy kitchen. Chinese Red looks great with maple cabinets.  Remember it’s only paint & you can always repaint.

I hope you enjoyed my first “Live” Blog Post and that I inspired you to greet color in a new way & to encourage you to use it in your home.  I have included some photos of Steven’s beautiful garden below if you are interested.